Health Tips For Travelers

Touring the entire world has become one of the greatest dreams of many people; Meet new landscapes, enjoy different cultures, listen to other languages, meet new people, and have unique stories to tell. And every trip is an adventure, definitely traveling is living!

But well traveler, you should keep in mind that wherever you go, health comes first, so here are some tips that you should take into account when embarking on this new experience.


Although traveling is lovely, the reality is that many of the destinations can sometimes represent a health risk depending on where you go, the urbanization you have, the activities you do, and especially the vaccines you have! Like yellow fever, hepatitis A and hepatitis B, typhoid, tetanus, polio, chickenpox, dengue fever, among others, depending on your destination.

Traveler's Diarrhea

Travelers, one of the most common diseases each time you leave the country is the famous traveler's diarrhea, where the water and contaminated food we eat will cause us to loose stools more than three times a day. The destinations with the highest risk are Africa, Southeast Asia, Central, and South America and, to a lesser extent, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe.

Health Tips For Travelers

Jet Lag

It is called "jet lag" to the series of physical and psychological symptoms that result from the change of schedules at the time of travel and are determined in this way by the disorder of the heart rhythm and the alteration of the sleep and wake cycle. Surely it has ever happened to you! But to reduce the effects, we recommend you to drink a lot of water, rest long before leaving, in more severe cases use drugs to sleep under a prescription, make light meals and limit alcohol consumption before and during the trip and get enough sleep arriving at the destination.

Mosquito Bites

Yes, we know, those annoying buzzing! But that's not all; in tropical areas, a mosquito bite can generate a severe problem and diseases such as malaria, dengue, yellow fever, Zika, or can even cause death. So take your precautions with the necessary medications to be protected from these rising threats.

Rivers, Lakes and Other Fresh Waters

One of the activities we enjoy most when traveling to a place with warmth is to take a dip in some river, lake, or some other body of fresh water. But be very careful there may be killer parasites!


In general, traveling by plane with medications is not a global problem, however many countries have restrictions for specific medicines. It is recommended that you take the dose of the days you will be traveling, and a couple of more days in case there is any mishap on your return without carrying an excessive amount of medication. It is important to give the medicines in your hand luggage and not in the suitcases that you are going to document. They must also go to their original containers.

In any case, always be sure to inform yourself before embarking on the adventure of illegal medicines and doses of each country.